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Calling all manufacturing trailblazers and visionaries to come together to forge the future. Join hosts Dave Hampton and Jason Flores as they seek out conversations and insights with thought leaders across the industry. Hear their stories of success and failure and how they overcame. The Forging Manufacturing Podcast seeks to help create the road to better, wherever that takes you. 

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Leading through Disruption and Digital Transformation

There are those who allow themselves to be carried along by the wave of changes taking place. There are others who want to take an active part in changing things for the better. Which one are you?

For the past year, we have had important conversations with 60+ construction leaders, and now we have put all that information in an extensive eBook.


Meet the Host

Dave Hampton is the Director of Manufacturing at Applied Software. He is a passionate, driven leader that focuses on bringing valuable insights, strategies and technology to some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

His focus on trends and innovation helps organizations bring about improvements in: project delivery & accuracy, customer experience, profitability, product innovation, and more.

Meet the Co-Host

Jason Flores is a Strategic Industry Consultant at Applied Software. He is a laser-focused manufacturing industry leader determined to help manufacturers make better decisions, faster.

His extensive network brings practical knowledge and wisdom to the show, honing in on industry trends, cost reduction, continuous process improvement and more.

about the sponsor

The Forging Manufacturing podcast is brought to you by Applied Software. With solutions for the modern project, Applied is on a mission to transform industries by empowering clients and championing innovation with real-world expert consultants. 

Bringing you a comprehensive array of solutions for AEC, MEP and manufacturing, the experts of Applied have a singular focus – helping you achieve higher performance. Visit today.

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